23 Apr

How Not To Advertise Your Website


Email Marketing

Unsolicited commercial e-mail is SPAM no if, ands or buts. Don’t do it! Any form of email spam is just bad publicity and will make your website less creditable. If you plan on running an email marketing campaign be sure to make it legit and only send commercial email to visitors to your site that have signed up to receive your newletter. And don’t forget to always give them the option to opt out should they desire.

Paid Traffic
No not PPC like Google Adsense or the like. I am talking about companies that promise 1000’s of hits to your site for the low price of $3.99. These programs just don’t work. These companies usually rely on website Pop-ups or the like and traffic mostly will come from the same source. Don’t forget in general most people consider pop-ups a huge annoyance and most modern day browsers have built in pop-up blockers so you would be just wasting your money.

Traffic Exchanges
Basically you look at others sites for about 60 seconds then you press the “Next Page” button and usually enter a code. The more sites you surf the more credits you receive to have your site displayed to users like yourself. Basically everyone in the traffic exchange is in it for their own site and doesn’t really pay much attention to the sites they are surfing. Instead spend your time on something more productive like creating quality content for your own website.

Forum Spam
Nobody wants to see your website link in every post you make about some unrelated forum topic. Instead join a webmasters forum like Digital Point or Earners Forum and learn a few things about marketing properly.

Blog Spam
Just like forum spam blog spam is really just a waste of time. Besides you would just be wasting your own time on this one because all blogging platforms have some type of comment spam filtering installed or available to them. If you run WordPress I recommendAkismet.